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Thursday, April 15, 2010

HaPPy BiRtHdAy PaPa!!!

SwEet 52 PaPa!!!
WhEn i need,
rEaL uNdErstAnDing,
WhEn i NeEd
SoMeOnE tO cArE,
WhEn i NeEd
tO gUiDe mE,
a FaThEr iS
aLwAyS tHeRe.
ThAnK yOu fOr
yOuR cOmFoRt aNd
wHiCh mEaNs
sO mUcH tO mE
iN mY wAy oF
gRoWiNg uP...
ThAnK yOu pApA u ArE The BesT fAtHer
HaPPy BiRtHdAy!!!
Mr ShAmSuRi b Md IsA...

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